LG X Series G5

LG Electronics ‘X Series’ G5 revealed

LG Electronics has shown an aggressive move to smart phones. To the inner circumference opening of the world’s largest mobile exhibition Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016 ‘in the premium phone’ G5 ‘as well as serving at the same time until mid-priced phones.

LG Electronics 22 (Reuters) coming entry-level through the MWC 2016 held in Barcelona, ​​Spain that disclosure of the smartphone ‘X series’ said 15 days. ‘Dual Camera’, ‘Second Screen’ is a premium phone was mounted on each of the key features for each model, ‘X Series’ adoption. LG Electronics has previously said it plans to introduce a premium phone ‘G5’ Through the MWC. Continue Reading

Video Players For Windows To Play 4k Videos

Are you still using the 480p, 540p, 720p HD, full high definition 1080p, and the ultra-high definition 2160p? Well, you need to make some changes. There is a new giant in town. The 4K Ultra HD. The 4K resolutions are the next big thing in the Tech market. In fact, most people are always converting their videos to 4K as they are clearer. Nevertheless, when the videos are played on 4k video players, the image appears more real. Experts have hinted that this is the next generation as far as video technology is concerned. If you follow Tech business analysis and reports, you will notice that the manufacturers of TVs, camcorders, and the rest are producing their products with the 4K Ultra HD. The good thing is that these products are already in the market. This has seen many movies being produced in the 4K format. This article discusses the 4K Ultra HD and highlights some of the Video Players for Windows to Play 4k Videos. First, what is 4K Video?

What are 4K Videos? Continue Reading

How to Use Google Maps To the Fullest And What Layers Can Do

The Google Maps is the most used Maps application on the Internet.It is used over a billion times everyday. People use the maps tool for various purposes like for finding shortest paths to their destination, determining traffic conditions and to various other uses. The Google Maps are till now the most accurate and trustable maps application. There are some other features and layers in Google Maps about which people don’t know much and don’t know how to use them. Google Maps is a great application and its layers can be used for various purposes to make your life easier. It depends on you whether you want to turn on layers and use them. In this article we will show you how you can correctly use the layers and use them to your advantage. We will show you how to use google maps to their full extent. Continue Reading